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VSAT connectivity, bypassing local bottlenecks or service problems, can provide organisations with high quality Internet access, backed by Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It is ideal for end users who have:

  • No/poor current access to broadband internet connectivity
  • Typical web traffic usage (more traffic recieved from the Internet than sent to he Internet)
  • That may have multiple sites
  • Require pre-budgeted Broadband expenditure
  • Need for defined service delivery schedule
  • Need for guaranteed service availability
  • Need for an open standard system

AfriConnect has several solutions for those requiring VSAT Internet access either as a stand-alone requirement or as an extension to their existing network:

SatWidth - data sheet
SatIP4 - data sheet


AfriConnect also provide a unique Internet connectivity solution: SatWise. SatWise provides the best features of broadband VSAT connectivity along with a full user management system that provides any office/site with all the benefits of web connectivity (including content filtering), e mail, webmail, file sharing and network monitoring software in an all-in-one solution. SatWise is ideal for connecting any site network to the internet that has previously not had an Internet connection or has an Internet connection without user management. For more information, read more about SatWise here: data sheet

All VSAT services are offered at Ku-band and C-band using different satellite and Internet back-bone providers to maximise choice, availability and service level. 2-way satellite IP services including:

  • Web browsing
  • E-mail
  • Web applications and server hosting
  • VPN connectivity available – including IPSEC
  • Point to point dedicated connectivity through hub
  • Multicast services
  • VoIP where legally permitted
  • Contention ratio for all standard services
  • Pre payment plans available
  • Bandwidth options available from 32Kbps to 2Mbps

AfriConnect can also provide IP address space on request.

Private Networks

For applications where a long round-trip time or double hop over the satellite would be unacceptable, customer specific, private networks can be engineered.

Private VSAT Networks - data sheet

Benefits :

  • Bypass bottlenecks and single points of failure in the current network
  • Send data directly from site to site
  • Closed network with guaranteed delivery times across network
  • Few security problems
  • Any transport layer is possible : frame, MPLS, ATM, DAMA, TDMA
  • Any network topology is possible : star, mesh, partial mesh.

If you think that such a private network may be of interest to your organisation, please read the VSAT Tutorial on this website, and contact AfriConnect for a more detailed discussion.

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