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AfriConnect has the solution to communications needs in areas of poor Internet and voice connectivity.

In many locations companies and organisations struggle to meet their objectives because of :

  • Line congestion
  • Slow transmission rates
  • Expensive phone calls
  • A complex regulatory environment
  • Over-subscription of ISPs

Africonnect selects and deploys a wide range of technologies to meet client IT and telecommunications objectives, taking the client needs from :

International Connectivity

  • VSAT terminals, satellite service provider selection and management - more
  • Internet back-bone connectivity
  • Mobile voice and data solutions (Thuraya and Iridium phones and systems) - more



Networks and Telephony

  • Local loop, DSL, national frame and wireless links
  • PBX, VoIP, integrated directories, short code dialling
  • WiFi extension to wired network

Intranets and Content

  • Intranet security and website design
  • Content filtering, traffic shaping tools, anti-spam software, anti-virus software

Field Data Solutions

  • Fixed and mobile wireless voice and data transmission
  • Solar powered battery charging, UPS systems
  • Solid state laptops, ruggedised PDAs
  • SMART card solutions

Service Self Select

  • Land-line dial-up
  • GSM dial-up
  • Satellite phone dial-up
  • Low cost VSAT solutions
  • High performance VSAT solutions
  • Private VSAT solutions

Find out more about some of the technologies we use with our Technology Tutorials

Image:  9.8m VSAT Dish


Connectivity Solutions for a Developing World


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