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Access to market information is vital for those involved in agriculture at whatever level. Farmers need to know the right price at which to sell their goods and they need to know the prices of basic inputs and when or where to buy, as well as transportation and other logistical information.

Whether commercial or subsistence farming part of the development process is a greater ability to share and access information. Bringing Internet connectivity to the farming community and building information portals as part of government and business initiatives will play an important role in a country's development and Africonnect will be happy to play a role in this process.

Familiar with rural and remote deployment for high technology equipment and services, from project for healthcare organisations, AfriConnect’s local staff will be happy to discuss the best fit of its product and service capabilities to each requirement.

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Commerce and Industry

In order to remain competitive with a liberalised economy and in a global market services such as high speed email + web access are essential.

You may want to be looking at voice and video services where permitted, or you want to share your databases and business information on company intranets and extranets with partners locally or worldwide.

A unified and reliable infrastructure will be critical to your operation and a system can be found to match all budgets and needs, covering everything from Internet access to a quality web presence and a secure company network.

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Electronic Commerce requires a complex infrastructure to be in-place before it can operate within a given country, including appropriate communications. AfriConnect can advise on how to proceed at these higher levels, and can advise on all aspects of 'e-readiness'..

But you might also be wanting advice on how to conduct e-business with your existing supply and delivery chain, as the majority of e-commerce is B2B (Business to Business) and you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity which your competitors may be taking advantage of.

You may be wanting to sell your services directly to your customers (B2C) - probably via the web and we can assist in providing the necessary technology and secure environment in which to do so. With your own website customers from all over the world can visit your 'shop window'.



There is no doubt that Education is one of the major beneficiaries of Internet access. There is a such a wealth of resources available on the web - much of it free. And it is a great way to share the learning experience with others, both locally and abroad.

Whilst cost may appear to be a major obstacle (along with power, security and other local issues). The situation is changing rapidly with the technology being much more affordable - especially if it can be shared amongst a group of users and is appropriately used.

No-one doubts the return of investment in education, whether the need is for internet access at tertiary level and the offer of distance education facilities, or basic low-cost internet access for a rural primary schools with a specially-tailored web portal, we can find, install and implement a solution for you.

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High-Speed effective communication is vital to the government today, whether it is access to the international community - making local information available abroad - or whether it is part of the process of making information available as quickly as possible within local and regional government infrastructure - and to the wider population.

Building Internet infrastructures and developing portals for e-government - as well as putting the right infrastructure, legal and logistic measures in place, is a vital piece of modern government and part of the process of advancing democratisation. AfriConnect can help with connectivity - both locally and internationally, assisting with policy development and providing mechanisms for information sharing.


Health services

AfriConnect has a long track record with health related organisations in many countries in Africa, whether local government funded and managed or international NGOs.

Understanding the end users' constraints and organisational objectives, the best combination of connectivity, features, and support can be provided, based on established best practice in the region.

Familiar with environments from remote malaria research stations to city centre hospitals, AfriConnect can provide services from consultancy to systems implementation, providing full international access for health care professionals where their job requires.

Often these technologies are deployed as part of a programme aimed at encouraging doctors to move back to rural areas, as well as providing more widespread access to general health information. Such a system with a specially designed web portal - can also be used for local logistics including the ordering of drugs and referral and management of patients.

Image: Health   Image: Health

See the Clients page for details of projects AfriConnect has completed in the Healthcare arena.


The media today- whether it be print, TV or radio needs high-quality Internet access both for news gathering and dissemination. Getting your message across via the web is a whole new opportunity, and the sources of news information available to day in all formats are greater than they ever have been.

Whether you need high-speed access yourself, or need to be able to provide new services to foreign or local clients, we are able to provide advice, sourcing, design, installation and training services as well as basic reliable Internet access where that is not already available.


NGOs/ Not-For-Profit Organisations

Not-for-Profit organisations must co-ordinate their budgets and goals across many locations nationally and internationally. A unified IT and connectivity system will enable this to happen seamlessly.

An integrated communication system across regional offices also enables NGOs to liaise efficiently with their partners and fund raisers.

NGOs are involved with a wide range of initiatives from relief efforts which require rapid deployment of VSAT or wireless systems in the case of famine, drought or environmental disasters, to local schemes taking information into rural communities via telecenters or community information points.

See the Clients page for details of projects AfriConnect has completed for NGO and the About Us page for AfriConnect’s overall capabilities.


Perhaps you run a safari company in Tanzania and need a good reliable Internet service so that you can respond quickly to booking requests and at the same time update your website. You could also provide web-mail access for your guests to send an e-postcard home! You could reconfirm airline bookings and deal with your suppliers. You only house a poor wireless phone service at present and even that only works sporadically.

So you need a service which can:-

Put in a satellite connection to the Internet
Provide a small Local Area Network and some additional computers to work round the lodge.
Put in a new website
Provide some extra power stability
Train your staff how to use the system
Ensure that someone monitors the system for problems.

If this is your situation, come and talk to us. We will find the solution, and see it through to completion.

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