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Beyond the basic site-to-site, or site-to-Internet connectivity, users must make decisions about the level of service and support they require. Considerations include:

  • Firewalling
  • Virus protection, SPAM filtering, web content filtering and proxying
  • Webmail, POP accounts, or company addressing schemes
  • Local LAN cabling
  • Power, UPS, and back-up

With IT and telecommunications reliability critical to the delivery of any organisations goals and objectives, AfriConnect offers a wide range of customer choice in maintenance and warranty packages:

  • Local spares holding for essential equipment
  • Back-up hardware (for example a BGAN or Iridium system to prevent a site being cut-off)
  • Service and support levels, examples of which are shown below, and which will vary from installation to installation.

AfriConnect offer a wide variety of support packages, each one tailored to your specific needs. Some examples of the level of response we can offer offer are shown below.

Service Level: Silver Gold Platinum
Technical Support Mon – Fri 7 Days 7 x 24
Remote Access No No Yes
Hardware Replacement No No Within 48 Hrs
Hardware Warranty 12 months Yes Yes
Software Warranty 3 months Yes Yes

AfriConnect can completely manage a turnkey installation with commissioning services on request.

More details about support services that AfriConnect can offer can be found on this datasheet


Image: VSAT Installation


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