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Below are some links to useful sites on the development of the Internet in the developing world, focusing on Africa, and on the technology that used for delivery. These sites are not offered or maintained by AfriConnect and are the responsibility of their owners but may help users to understand the possibilities offered by the new technologies.

Africa ICT Policy Monitor Africa ICT Policy Monitor   Information Access and Connectivity The project for Information Access and Connectivity
Status of Internet Connectivity in Africa Mike Jensen's exhaustive page on the status of Internet connectivity in Africa

  African Information Society Initiative African Information Society Initiative
Satellite Coverage of Earth Satellite coverage of the earth   Global VSAT Forum Global VSAT forum
World Maps World Maps

  Tech Museum Satellite Site TheTech Museum Satellite Site

Maps of Africa Maps of Africa   Country Profiles Country Profiles
BBC African News BBC African News   Balancing Act News Update Balancing Act. News Update
All-Africa Internet Guide The All-Africa Internet Guide  
African Cellular Guide
African Cellular Guide
Internet Resources: GGU Africa: Internet resources - A GGU University Library  
World Travel Guide Africa
World Travel Guide Africa
Africa Network Operators Group
Africa Network Operators Group  
Naional Anthems
National Anthems


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