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AfriConnect has created and continues to support organisational web sites, acting as portals for key resources, databases and providing managed access to the world-wide-web.

  • Intranet security and website design
  • Content filtering, traffic shaping tools, anti-spam software, anti-virus software

Many companies and organisations buy or build “flat” website's where the content does not change, and so does not attract the search engines, missing the chance to use the site as a promotional tool.

Website's linked to databases, with interface graphics will attract more users and interest in an organisation. The careful use of frames, images, transparent images dithering and careful selection of graphic and text sizes to improve download speed and accessibility.


AfriConnect can offer:

  • strategic planning to align media and business objectives
  • understanding your target audience demographics and drivers
  • graphic design
  • web portal development
  • customer centric web services
  • content management systems
  • web to sms and sms to web services
  • web page development
  • custom programming
  • domain hosting
  • website promotion
  • search engine optimisation

As part of your network and site design, Africonnect can specify and design the security model, content filtering, anti-virus and anti spam packages which are necessary to protect your investment in bandwidth provision.

See live examples of our work here, here, here, and here

Read more about AfriConnect's experience here: experience.pdf


screen shot of web site construction

screen shot of web site construction


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