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Presented with a choice, all organisations choose the most reliable and cost effective method for their intra-company communications and external connectivity needs. Since all organisations, business needs, locations, staff and budgets are different, there is no single best solution.

AfriConnect will take account of a client’s overall needs and long term objectives to recommend the best combination of technologies, service providers, and their integration with existing systems.

Integration of voice, websites and the creation of intranets will require further system design, but the basic network elements remain the same.


A variety of different conenctivity methods exist, including:

  • Local networks – wireless
  • Networks carrying LAN TCP/IP traffic and requiring Internet connectivity links to wireless where available or satellite links - Internet connectivity
  • Networks carrying voice or time sensitive data traffic require topologies without multiple satellite hops and may use a dedicated VSAT network if wireless is unavailable - a dedicated VSAT network
  • For data requirements in the field, or from mobile locations then satellite phone technology can ensure no loss of connectivity to the organisation - satellite phone technology


Some “off-the-shelf” solutions do exist however for organisations looking for rapid deployment of standard systems.


Thuraya Satellite Phones
Mini-M Satellite Phone
Hand held PCs

Choose the connectivity type from the service-self-select page that best fits your requirements and then contact AfriConnect for further details.

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