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The Inmarsat mini-M satphone service enables users to make phone calls to and from virtually anywhere on Earth. With mini-M you simply open the lid of the terminal, point the antenna at the satellite and dial.

Inmarsat mini-M is a versatile communications workhorse. It is available in land and maritime versions, as well as payphone kiosk format for deployment in remote offices and settlements, and below decks at sea. Mini-M is a key element in the Crew Calling payphone service available for the maritime sector, where pre-paid calling cards can be provided to crew and security protocols can be added to avert fraud.


Supplying the demand

The growing need for truly worldwide communications is driving demand among organisations and individuals to have access to a flexible and reliable service, anywhere on the planet. This capability is delivered by mini-M through the 98 per cent global coverage provided by Inmarsat, which is also licensed to operate in over 170 countries - more than any other satellite communications provider currently in business.

Proven reliability

Inmarsat has a peerless reputation for its 21-year track record, innovation, proven technology, excellent service reliability and effective communication solutions


Image: Mini M coverage map
Going Global

Four Inmarsat 3 satellites provide the near global coverage enjoyed by mini-M users


Compact convenience

Lightweight terminals - the size of a notebook computer - are available to access and use the mini-M service, which will operate in the harshest environments

You choose

Inmarsat's mini-M comes in a range of configurations to cover mobile, payphone, vehicular, maritime and large antenna requirements

Price competitive

The mini-M service can be cost-effective in many cases when compared to international hotels, as well as the international roaming rates charged by cellular phone service operators. Further savings are possible with mini-M where a large antenna is used.

  Resembling a notebook PC in size, the terminals weighing around 2kg. Mini-M can also be deployed for road vehicles and aircraft.

Battery power typically yields up to two and half hours of talk time. The batteries can be easily recharged using car lighter sockets and adapters plugged into local power supplies.
Voice encryption is available for confidential communications with mini-M. Other applications such as call forwarding, caller number identification, voice and fax mail are also available with mini-M. E-mail is another important option with mini-M using data compression technology.
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