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InmarSat - BGAN









The Inmarsat BGAN service is available with the same coverage as Thuraya, but offers higher data rates from a terminal which is similar in size to the Mini M terminals and is described in more detail below.

Image: Inmarsat BGAN diagram

Connecting a network to the Internet

You can use BGAN to provide a fast internet connection to a state-of-the-art network of PCs and laptops in just minutes. Whether this is a rapid-deployment or more permanent data-heavy office, all users have full access to the Internet, as well as to the applications and data held on the server, through the hub.

Connecting a single user to the Internet

The BGAN provides the perfect connection for the remote user, connecting them to both the Internet and Head Office - allowing them to share applications and data held on the server, or even use the printer, on the Head Office network.

Thrane and Thrane Explorer 110

AfriConnect offer the Thrane and Thrane Explorer 110 (previously marketed as the Nera WorldPro 1100) as its preferred single user/small office portable internet conenctivity solution.

BGAN eqipment BGAN ODU front and rear views


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