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It is with great sadness that AfriConnect announced the unexpected death of Mark Bennett, the Founder and Managing Director of AfriConnect following a short illness in Lusaka, Zambia earlier in 2015

Mark was buried in the local churchyard, following a service on Friday 6th. March, at St. Mary's Church, Comberton, Cambridgeshire CB23 7ED.

Two weeks later there was the main Memorial Service, celebrating his life,on Friday 20th. March in the Wesley Methodist Church Cambridge at Christ Pieces in Cambridge CB1 1LG.

His family hope to setup a fund in his name to provide quality education to Zambia's poorest children (details will be posted later).

Mark left us with many precious memories and his vision of a bright future for health and education in Africa and beyond. Our thoughts and condolences went out to his family and all who knew him.

Read more: Mark Bennett
and to see Mark talking about his latest project click here .

and some thoughts from the world..
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The Practioner Hub
Simunza Muyangana

AfriConnect is a provider of sustainable Internet solutions to the developing world.

Our solutions are specifically designed to be resilient in the remote or harsh environments in which they are deployed, and simple for customers to use and support.

The UK base is located in Cambridge (UK) with sister companies located in Lusaka (Zambia), and Accra (Ghana).

Solutions for Markets

Health services
NGO's / not-for-profits
Commerce and Industry

Products & Services

  • Internet access specialists, by satellite and wireless -more
  • VSATs, mobile VSAT solutions. -more
  • Wireless short and long haul links -more
  • Field connectivity, including WiFi Hot Spots, PDA’s -more
  • Systems for network security, email management, remote support for networks -more
  • Network management and security tools, content filtering, anti-spam software, traffic shaping and statistics
  • User friendly customer network software for bespoke applications and satellite network access
  • Local and Wide area networks, Leased-Lines, ISDN, DSL, Cable -more
  • Design and provision of local LAN infrastructure -more
  • ICT hardware procurement and installation
  • Interactive, static and content managed web sites for Intranets and external web presence.
  • Consultancy services, including ICT strategy, telecommunications, networks and project management for sustainable support of projects and organisations -more

  • It is with great sadness that AfriConnect announced the unexpected death of Mark Bennett, the Founder and Managing Director of AfriConnect following a short illness in Lusaka, Zambia.

  • AfriConnect Zambia, a leading member of the Vodacom Group, launched Zambia's first 4g network - bringing more fast internet connectivity to Zambians..
    This was even before the UK has commercial 4G connectivity !! read more...
  • AfriConnect was the VSAT service supplier to LinkNet / MachaWorks - LinkNet is a cooperative organization providing for cost based building, operations and maintenance of tailored communications infrastructure and services for special interest groups in rural areas in Zambia and neighbouring countries.
    Macha was the lead feature on the January 2011 BBC click technology program.
  • Vodacom Gateway Mauritius, with operations in over 20 African Countries, invests in AfriConnect Zambia to expand their provision of satellite and fibre data solutions to customers across Africa.
  • Internet and Client Support Engineers are required for the iConnect Zambia Offices expansion

Security solutions
  • We are always looking for good free-to-use security software - Late June saw Secunia release a major update to their free software audit and application software patching tool for consumers - release 3 click here to get it. Remember: Patching is even more important than having an anti-virus program and a personal firewall.

VSAT tools
  • We also like good free-to-use VSAT tools - here is a Google Maps based VSAT dish alignment tool which lets you see where your dish needs to point click here to use it

Making the Internet more efficient
  • We have added a YouTube video to our technical tutorials that shows how local Internet connections can be improved.

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installation of VSAT equipment


Connectivity Solutions for a Developing World


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