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Field Data Solutions









  • Solar powered battery charging, UPS systems
  • Solid state laptops, ruggedised PDA's
  • SMART card solutions

Not all critical staff are office based, but may be gathering, storing and delivering large volumes of data in a standard format.

Until recently these applications were based on paper collection, but now organisations have the choice of equipping these teams with ruggedised equipment for use in the field, including solar chargers for prolonged time away from the office.

AfriConnect can recommend and supply this equipment, and importantly ensure that it is integrated with other systems and not another “bolt-on” box which causes more problems than it was designed to solve.


A remaining concern for many organisations is loss of data once collected, or that data still takes too long to bring in form the field sites.

On the International Connectivity page, AfriConnect gives examples of how data can be sent back to offices instantly from the field using a range of mobile and transportable products from GSM to Satellite phones.

These same technologies give field staff access to email and corporate web sites, ensuring that vital staff are never out of touch or out of reach.

Read more on the Field Data Solutions datasheet

pda pda ruggedised laptop pda


Thuraya phone with solar charger


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