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When looking for a solution to your IT and telecommunications needs, organisations can approach a range of equipment and service vendors.

Each of these vendors will of course recommend their own products, leaving it to the buyer to compare offerings and make a decision.

For an organisation which has a large IT and telecoms department this may present few problems, but for others whose business or technical expertise is in another field, the choice and options can be confusing.

AfriConnect will solve this issue for your organisation :

  • Analysing needs, now and in the future
  • Future proofing for corporate networks
  • Locating technologies, vendors, and service providers
  • Recommending solutions
  • Bid and tender management

AfriConnect will at the clients request, also implement the solution, taking ownership of the ICT issues, and providing long term support to the client if required.

Consultancy reports are tailored to the clients needs; there are no minimum contract sizes or durations.

Find help from the nearest AfriConnect location to you on the contacts page.

Read more about consultancy services: datasheet


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